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2020 Race Results are being posted

2020 Racing Season is here!

I trust you are well and staying healthy in these strange times.  We have good news for you amidst the madness all around you in that we are ready for an "outbreak" of our own!

We are ready to have informal races on Thursday nites beginning 5/7.  Todd Koetje has generously volunteered to be our Rabbit and the disclaimer is that you should limit your crew to family and/ or fellow quarantined housemates.


  • Thursday night racing beginning 5/7 with one windward Rabbit start and with all boats in an NFS class.
  • Please monitor VHF Channel 69.
  • Start time will be 18:05 at the outfall buoy with preparatory horn at 18:00 or TBD by the Rabbit.
  • Course will be announced at 17:50 or TBD by Rabbit.
  • Times to be taken by each skipper within one boat length of finishing mark TBD by Rabbit.  
  • Generally speaking we will utilize post point as windward, and leeward and finishing on course marks TBD by Rabbit.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the water...

Sean Jones,
Race Chair
race (at)

Racing Forms for Download

2018 Race Results are still posted

All Race Committee Communications are on CHAN 69

–Sean Jones
CYC Race Chair

Three additional courses...

We sail friendly!

Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham's Thursday night races are intended to be casual and fun.

All racers should read the Racing Instructions as posted below and compete in the manner they were intended. Again, Thursday evening races are intended to be fun and casual. However, an adherence to the rules is important for all racers so that we all can enjoy the evening and can also avoid accidents that hurt people and/or damage boats.

We Sail Friendly. It's what sets us apart.

The Ten Commandments of CYC Racing

  1. Thou shalt not take anything other than safety too seriously. If you can only remember one commandment, this is the one. Relax, have fun, and keep it light. Late to the start? So what? Over early? No big deal. Too windy? Quit. Not enough wind? Break out the beverages. The point is to have fun, but stay safe. As the ad says, “Safe boating is no accident”
  2. Thou shalt honor the racing rules if you know them. The 2013-2016 US Sailing Racing rules is the current rules bible. Few sailors have actually studied it cover to cover: it’s about as interesting as reading tax code or the phone book. For CYC racing, just remember some of the biggies (port tack boats shall avoid starboard ones; windward shall avoid leeward ones; an outside boats shall give room at the mark). Stay out of the way of bigger boats, pay your insurance premiums, and keep a low profile unless you are sure you know what you’re doing. Like most things, it boils down to common sense.
  3. Thou shalt not covet thy competitor’s boat, sails, equipment, crew, or PHRF rating. No excuses or whining; if you’re lucky enough to own a sailboat, just go use it! You don’t need the latest widgetry or unobtainium sailcloth to have a great time out on the water with friends. Even if your boat is less than competitive, make modest goals and work toward improving on them from week to week, or don’t. The goal is to have fun.
  4. Thou shalt not amp out. No screaming, swearing, or overly aggressive tactics. Save that stuff for the office or, if you must, for a real race. If you’re going to lose it in a Thursday nighter, you’re going to run out of crew, not to mention friends in a big hurry.
  5. Thou shalt not protest thy neighbor. This is extremely tacky at this level of competition and should be avoided. Perhaps it’s justified if one’s boat is damaged and blame needs to be established. If an infraction has occurred then do your turns on the course and exonerate your self. Remember there is no protest committee.
  6. Thou shalt not mess up your boat. Everybody knows some hardcore racer who ripped up his sails on a Thursday evening and had to sit out race week. The point is that it’s not worth risking your boat and gear in such casual competition: As the song says, you got to know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em. Avoid other boats at all costs, not to mention buoys and other hard objects. If you have the luxury of two sets of sails, use the old ones.
  7. Thou shalt always go to the favorite watering hole afterwards. Etiquette demands that you congratulate the winners, as well as buying a round for your crew. Besides the bar is where the results are calculated and announced. Also the bar is a great place to see old friends and to make new ones.
  8. Thou shalt bring you spouse, kids, friends, and whoever else wants to go. CYC Thursday evening races are great forums for introducing new people to sailing, such as our neighbors, out of town visitors, co-workers and maybe even the family dog. Always bring your significant other along. Co-ed crews are happy crews, and don’t just make newcomers watch. Give them a job on the boat. Get every one involved.
  9. Thou shalt not worry; be happy. Leave the cell phone in the car, bring some tunes. Lighten up, it’s not the America’s cup.
  10. And above all remember Bill’s tenth commandment “In the event of a potential conflict assume that the other skipper is less knowledgeable than you and that his boat is less maneuverable than yours. Have Fun!”

— Excerpts from Latitude 38 March 2014

Past years' Race Results Still Available

20 NOV 2020

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